About Us

The Lanyard deer

Founded by long-time recording engineer, Andrew Gilchrist, tucked into a residential corner of New Orleans' historic Bywater district, House of 1000Hz creates a comfortable and creative environment for making records, balancing the technical needs of a recording studio, with the pressure-free vibe of a place where you would actually want to play music, and even hang out for awhile.

With no hourly rate, the studio often works on a 'day' or 'project' rate, and is equipped to utilize a variety of recording formats.  A serious collection of modern and vintage microphones, preamps, outboard gear are here to bring out the best in whatever music we are trying to capture.   Most projects here are tracked live, using the pro tools rig more like a multitrack tape machine.  Final takes are mixed through a vintage British console using real outboard compressors, eq's, and effects. The House of 1000Hz is best suited for making records with real players interacting together in the room, tracked simply, edited only as needed, and then mixed in the analog realm on the actual faders of a real console without computer plug ins.  In this way, it is possible to do high quality work in the studio, on a very reasonable budget.

This is the layout of the main recording studio, all on the second floor of the building. The staircase leads down to the large, open main floor kitchen / lounge area ( where, yes, there are options for more recording space ) and doors leading out into the big enclosed patio/yard. The 2 story design allows for a relaxed space away from the tracking rooms & control room, where people involved in the recording can be close by, but out of way of whatever is going on upstairs!