Helen Gillet / Mike Dillon livestream show & recording
Helen Gillet / Mike Dillon livestream show & recording

Through 2020 and 2021 livestream became the new live music!   - Been staging livestream events here at the studio.  Mostly solo concerts with Helen Gillet, but a few socially distanced duet events with Helen and Doug Garrison on drums, or with Rick Trolson on trombone, or Brian Haas on Piano, or most recently with Mike Dillon on percussion. Recorded a few different solo and duet performances through 2020 & 2021, keeping our distance, and keeping things safe!! -  With the size and layout of our main tracking space, it is possible, with good planning, to keep musicians a good distance apart for smaller groups. The setup of the space allows for separate upstairs door entrance and dedicated bathroom just for the muscians, with a downstairs entrance & bathroom that I can use. With this space, it has been possible to be very smart & conscious about staying as safe as possible during these horrible times!  There has been a lot of information published about ways to keep studio sessions safe, and we are doing everything we can to stick to these guidelines, and try to make it possible to make music happen as we move through this thing!  

As we head into 2022, we have ALL had the opportunity to get fully vaccinated. If you want to work in this indoor space, with other people, you NEED to be vaccinated against COVID19. If you are 1 dose into a 2 dose vaccine, I understand, and we can work safely here with that in mind. If you have another health condition that prevents you from getting vaccinated, we can also try to work safely with that. I am happy to work, as we have been for the past 2 years, with everybody wearing masks, and keeping very safe distances, in a situation with somebody who is, for a legitimate reason, unable to get vaccinated.

If you just do not want to get vaccinated, that is your choice, but we are NOT going to be able to do sessions with you here.

So, if you are an artist with a band, or with the plan of bringing in other musicians or singers to participate in your session, please understand that sessions are very strictly being limited to people who have been vaccinated, so that we can all be responsible with each other and continue to help to bring this pandemic to an end. Please check with anybody that you are thinking of bringing into the studio to make sure that they are vaccinated and that they understand the policy here. One of the goals of this studio is to have a safe and comfortable creative space for people making music. Right now, a big part of the comfort and safety as we work together in these enclosed rooms, is knowing that we are all on the same page in our understanding and need to protect ourselves and each other from this virus. We have been dealing with this horrible reality every day for almost 2 years, keeping our distance, keeping our guards up, and our masks on. With the vaccine, we finally have the possibility of making music together while feeling safe. Let's do this


Hey! Here is a November 2021 Troubled Men Podcast / interview with yr Goat, rambling on about experiences in the studio, out on the road mixing shows, and even some in the real world. Rene & Manny stir up trouble as always...